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Kevin Boyles, Trainer, Owner

Kevin Boyles is an NSCA certified, CrossFit Endurance certified, Level 1 Crossfit certified trainer with extensive Olympic Weightlifting experience and continued education, including hands on seminars, who is motivated to help individuals find ultimate success and set new personal standards. Kevin recently attended a USAW Olympic Lifting certification with Mark Cannella, the head coach and president of Columbus Weightlifting.

A former high school and college baseball player, Kevin can help individuals prepare for competition through training with weights and plyometrics, along with speed and agility drills. His techniques help individuals become more agile and explosive.

For the athlete, Kevin’s in-season and off-season conditioning can help you become stronger and faster in your athletic performance. CrossFit is based on the 10 elements of fitness.

Kevin can provide a warehouse of information and services for the coach, parent, athlete and sporting enthusiast. Whatever the individual is looking for, Kevin can adapt a training program to fit your needs.

Need one on one training instead of the group atmosphere? Set up a $120 one week private trial. Call us 391-0362 or email at and we will get right with you to set up your appointment. We also offer 3 Introductory Classes for $75 or a group trial for $40


Renee Boyles, Trainer, Owner

With 8 years of experience before opening her first CrossFit Gym and a Crossfit Level 1 Certification, Renee can help clients at any level. She can give you measurable improvements that you can feel and see. Renee recently attended a USAW Olympic Lifting certification with Mark Cannella, the head coach and president of Columbus Weightlifting.

Working on technique, finding what you excel at and making you better are some of her goals. Nutrition tips to help your body work with you instead of against you are important tools you will learn from her as well.

“We like to find your limit and continue to challenge you with the intensity level so you can be good at anything that life brings.”

Motivated yet? Need one on one training instead of the group atmosphere? Call us 391-0362 or email at and we will get right with you to set up your appointment. $40 one week group trial or $120 one week private trial.

Mike Lafferty

IMG_5358Mike Lafferty joined CrossFit Winston-Salem in 2012.  After years of athletics, capped off with a competitive cheering career, Mike was looking for a gym that would incorporate his gymnastics strengths into his every day workouts.  Not long after joining, Mike began assisting classes and got his Level 1 CrossFit certification in 2013.Mike enjoys the competitive side of CrossFit and has competed in several competitions already, as well as helped organize one at CFWS. He’s looking to help make every member of CFWS a competitive athlete in their own right.


Reggie Lau

1375721_10201725744419705_1196727617_nReggie Lau joined CrossFit Winston-Salem during the summer of 2013.  It took no time for him to learn the CrossFit philosophy and community were the place for him.  He feels challenged every day to become a better person: stronger, faster and more efficient in movement.

Reggie is a previous 3 sport high school athlete. He played intramural sports in college.  He is currently an ISMA certified personal trainer, a USAW – Level 1 Sport Performance Coach and a CrossFit Level 1 Coach.  Reggie finds helping people meet their goals and improve their lives rewarding, empowering and motivating.


Kevin Bryant

IMG_5362Kevin Bryant found CrossFit Winston-Salem in 2012 after years of crossfitting on his own. In 2009 he had begun following the main site WOD’s and enjoyed the similarities with the training he had received as a high school football player. He started using the CrossFit Football programming shortly thereafter. Kevin would like to become a strength and conditioning coach in the future and felt the next step in the process was to find a box to become a part of. He has found just that at CFWS and went on to become a CrossFit Level 1 certificate holder. His goals at CFWS are simple – to help every member find their inner athlete.


Rolando Valle

IMG_5359Rolando Valle joined Crossfit Winston-Salem in March of 2012 after losing 30 pounds on his own. He found CFWS in an effort to regain control of his life.  He lost another 79 pounds and fell in love with CrossFit and Olympic lifting in the process.  A former high school athlete, Rolo was forced to quit sports to get a job. He didn’t realize how much he missed that competitive aspect in his life until he found CrossFit.

Finding CrossFit has allowed Rolo to pursue his other dreams and hobbies, like his training in Muay Thai.  He also has ran several outdoor obstacle races, ranging from a 5k to a 15 miler.  Rolo has dedicated himself to helping others take charge of their lives and pursue their dreams and hobbies. He holds a CrossFit Level One Certificate and a USAW Level One Sport Performance Coaching Certificate.  His priority is to make sure people of all fitness levels feel comfortable.  He can’t walk to the walk for you, but he’ll walk it with you.


April Linscott



April joined CrossFit Winston-Salem in 2013. From 2009 to 2012, April competed in Body Building contests in the 50+ Master Figure category and before that taught a variety of classes at local gyms.

She came to CrossFit hoping to gain confidence, endurance and strength. Within weeks of taking her first introductory training class at CFWS, she knew this was the best and only way to sustain her life and physical fitness. April received her Level I Trainer in December, 2013.

Her goal is to work with Baby Boomers at CFWS and to encourage people of all ages to change their lives through CrossFit. Eventually she plans on becoming an expert in mobility.

When not at CFWS, she is a Flight Attendant for Southwest Airlines and also does some acting for Winston Salem Theatre Alliance.

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Spencer Munn

Spencer has years of athletics under his belt including AAU basketball, football, and soccer who has found his true passion in CrossFit. He is a CrossFit Level 1 certified trainer and loves seeing people continue to blossom and push them further than they thought possible. Spencer will also work as hard as he can working out to set an example and to prove that he will do anything he asks you to do. And is happy and thrilled to “change lives.”




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