create the internal awareness needed to access the muscle that is the key to your structural ability

Let’s open the hips, some more….The Iliopsoas is 2 muscles: Iliacus and Psoas Major.  Psaoas…pronounced with a very cool z sound like Zoaz!!! Awesomeness.
Iliacus starts at the pelvic crest and ends at the femur.  Psoas Major, the longer muscle, starts at lumbar vertebrae and goes to femur.   It crosses like 17 joints! So, for the stretch today you could use a pole…..and we just covered all of ours with plywood for wallballs.   But we do have door frames, and so does your house and home, so get on this!  You know the Captain Morgan pose we’ve been doing?   It’s like that, but your foot won’t be on the wall and you want to split further.  Now reach up and hands gotta get high and hold on to the door frame.  That muscle is way up on the spine behind the bottom of your rib cage, so stretch big like your stretching your abs! 4 min each leg out in front.

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