CrossFit Winston Salem Tuesday

4 Rounds for Time
10 Front Squats (145, 100)
20 Pull Ups

2 Comments on “CrossFit Winston Salem Tuesday

  1. Ok question of the day sweet potatoes are they ok on paleo why or why not. Anybody can answer let’s see how much you really know.

  2. It depends…

    If your primary goal is weight loss, they should be avoided.

    If you are not focused on weight loss (and not showing signs of insuline insensitivity (belly fat being one of the most common signs we can see)) then they are a great recovery food. For higher end athletes, after particulary long demanding workouts, or athletes doing multiple workouts a day they are a great (arguably extremely important) recovery tool.

    Lastly, like any of the higher glycemic veggies or starches, they can be part of a paleo diet, but they must be eaten in moderation. And we all need to take responsibility to see how they impact are performance, fitness, weight, and general health.

    So, have I been paying attention?

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