CrossFit Winston Salem Tuesday

Total part 2

deadlift fined 1 rep max


20min AMRAP

3x deadlift 155,105
3x hang squat clean
3x shoulder to overhead

post weight an rnds to comments please

12 Comments on “CrossFit Winston Salem Tuesday

  1. 295! PR! Makes my total 625, which is an50lb increase from June.

    10 rounds even RX (had to stop at 16:30 due to time)

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  2. 460 PR baby. WOD 16+ 4 Rx. Brutal. Great job by Jim, Dwayne, and Stephanie.

  3. 315 PR! (10 lbs up from last month)
    10+3 @ 135#. Need to strengthen my lower back and core

  4. Bit off more than I could chew on DL. 12+4 on WOD rx. Very tuff WOD, but love the challenge

  5. 345 PR with total of 765. 15 + 3 dead lifts.

  6. Tough deadlift at 225, 75# less than previous PR
    14 rnds at 125 was great though!

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