CrossFit Winston Salem Wednesday

Working off of a Training Max (TM) = 90% of 1RM from Test Week

Warm-up sets:

Working Sets:

Joker Sets – If you are feeling good and having a great day and there is time – do the following:
J1 – 1@ (95%*1.05)
J2 – 1@ (J1*1.05)

16 Min Clock:

20 Seconds of work/ 10 Seconds Rest

Minutes 1-4
A: TTB; B: Knees to Elbows; C Knees to 90

Minutes 5-8
A: WBS 20/14; B: 14/10; C: 14/10 to an 8′ target

Minutes 9-12
A: Ring Dips, B: Banded Dips; C: Dips on a box

Minutes 13-16
A: Dubs; B: Dubs or singles; C: Singles

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