CrossFit Winston Salem Friday

Shoulder Press
Working off of a Training Max (TM) = 90%+5# of 1RM from Test Week

Warm-up sets:

Working Sets:

Joker Sets – If you are feeling good and having a great day and there is time – do the following:
J1 – 3@ (90%*1.05)
J2 – 3@ (J1*1.05)

Joseph McNeil
4 min AMRAP
3 Ring Muscle ups
25 Lunges

B: Ring Pull-ups
C: Ring Rows

Seated 1 Min Rest

Franklin McCain
1 Rope Climb
3 Wall Walks

A Legless
B Regular Rope Climb
C: Max Effort Brace

Seated 1 Min Rest

Ezell Blair, Jr.
4 Min Amrap
10 Push-ups
18 Air Squats

Seated 1 Min Rest

David Richmond
20 Sit-ups

B/C Work with coach for Scaled Option

Seated 1 Min Rest

The Greensboro Four were Joseph McNeil, Franklin McCain, Ezell Blair Jr., and David Richmond, all young black students at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in their freshman year who often met in their dorm rooms to discuss what they could do to stand against segregation. They were inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr. and his practice of nonviolent protest, and specifically wanted to change the segregational policies of F. W. Woolworth Company in Greensboro, North Carolina. During Christmas vacation of 1959, McNeil attempted to buy a hot dog at the Greensboro Greyhound Lines bus station, but was refused service. Shortly thereafter, the future Greensboro Four decided that it was time to take action against segregation. The four men came up with a simple plan: they would occupy seats at the local F. W. Woolworth Company store, ask to be served, and when they were inevitably denied service, they would not leave. They would repeat this process every day for as long as it would take. Their goal was to attract widespread media attention to the issue, forcing Woolworth to implement desegregation.

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