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Troopers Compete at CrossFit Winston-Salem (article courtesy of News 14)

WINSTON-SALEM — State troopers representing Surry and Montgomery counties are promoting health and wellness all while raising money for first aid equipment. The fundraiser was held Saturday at a Winston-Salem CrossFit training gym.

Proceeds benefit a North Carolina Law Enforcement Assistance program, plus a new defibrillator for troopers.

“It’s our first year doing it. Word is just getting out there and we have a great turnout for the fact that this is our first year coming out here and putting this event together,” said Lenore Brady with N.C. Highway Patrol. “Hopefully, people will come back to their gym, to their agencies, and get the word out bring some extra people next year and we’ll get some more teams going get a little rivalry between law enforcement agencies.”

CrossFit training work outs are typically 20 minutes or less, and demand all-out physical exertion.


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