Beginners Welcome

We take you through your own workout where  trainers will gradually teach the fundamentals of CrossFit in a group setting. Attendees will learn CrossFit terminology, olympic weightlifting moves step-by-step and over time will begin to transition out of beginner workouts. Our classes are being offered now by appointment!  Email Renee in the form below and let’s get you scheduled. CrossFit is a wonderful addition to your life, whether you are currently an athlete, former athlete, or are just looking for a great work out.

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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit Winston Salem has a team of dedicated trainers that are committed to delivering the CrossFit program exactly as it is designed – to enhance an individual’s competency at all physical tasks. CrossFit’s strength and conditioning system is built on constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. The result is an athlete trained to perform successfully in diverse and randomized physical challenges.

CrossFit Moncton does a perfect job of summarizing the differences between a regular gym and a CrossFit gym:

Them vs. Us

THEY have CNN or Kelly Clarkson playing in the background.
WE have other members cheering you on to finish your last rep.

THEY have cardio machines that tell you you’re going too fast.
WE have trainers that are telling you you’re not going fast enough.

THEY have mirrors.
WE have trainers that tell you how to correct your form.

THEY have biceps curls and cable crossover machines.
WE have squats and deadlifts that you’ll actually be able to transfer into real life.

THEY sell you a membership and hope you only come for one month.
WE want you to come as often as possible to help change your life.

THEY have a 20 minute workout in 2 hours.
WE have a 2 hour workout in 20 minutes.

THEY have a machine at the front desk where you swipe your card.
WE have knowledgeable trainers that are ready to give you all the fitness information that you ask for.

THEY train for looks.
WE train for life.

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