Meet Our Team


Kevin BoylesKevin Boyles, Owner and Trainer
Kevin Boyles is a NSCA, CrossFit Endurance and Level 2 CrossFit certified trainer with extensive Olympic Weightlifting experience. He continues his education through hands-on seminars, such as USAW Olympic Lifting certification with Mark Cannella, the head coach and president of Columbus Weightlifting. A former high school and college baseball player, Kevin can help individuals prepare for competition through training with weights and plyometrics, along with speed and agility drills. Kevin can provide a warehouse of information and services for the coach, parent, athlete and member.



Renee2Renee Boyles, Owner and Trainer
With eight years of experience before opening her first CrossFit gym and a CrossFit Level 1 Certification, Renee can help clients at any level. She can help clients work towards measurable improvements that can be seen and felt. Renee has attended USAW Olympic Lifting certification with MarkCannella, the head coach and president of Columbus Weightlifting. Working on technique, finding what you excel at and making you better are some of her goals. Nutrition tips to help your body work with you instead of against you are important tools you will learn from her as well. “We like to find your limit and continue to challenge you with the intensity level so you can be good at anything that life brings.”




Brittany James, Trainer
Brittany has been a member of our CrossFit Winston-Salem family since 2012.  After many years of dedication to the program, Brittany decided to get her CrossFit Level 1 Certification to be able to help others reach their goals.  Brittany has been playing softball most of her life and still plays in the co-ed city league.  Brittany is a nurse by trade but has found CrossFit to be her true passion.  “After seeing how hard it is to balance work and family life while trying to stay in shape, I found that CrossFit to be the secret.  CrossFit is different than any workout plan or personal training that I have done before at the regular gyms.  It helps you stay consistent with all of the community members cheering you on.  Everyone has their ups and downs with weight and life issues, but I have found CrossFit to keep me more consistent with my nutrition and exercise getting me the best results I have ever had.  Knowing all of the issues that people face today with obesity or being out of shape (diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue, etc) I look forward to helping people get their quality of life back.”



Nate Gronewoller, Trainer



AprilApril Linscott, Trainer
April came to CrossFit in 2013 after three years of bodybuilding and competing and winning trophies at the Masters Level. She was looking for a way to build stamina, endurance, strength and flexibility, not just muscle. After 3 months of CrossFit, she committed to becoming a Level 1 Coach. Her goal is to work with people in their 50’s and 60’s, in one on one training sessions. “CrossFit conditioning is a fountain of youth! We can always scale the workouts to meet the needs of our athletes, no matter what the age.” April has taught classes at other gyms in Winston Salem, but has now found a home with CrossFit Winston Salem.