If you are new to CrossFit or experienced, we have a  class you may enroll into. We have a waiver you must complete prior to participating. If you are a member of another affiliate and would like to Drop-In, email us at

To view a complete list of classes offered during the week, scroll down. Please note that classes may differ during holidays or special events. Please try to arrive before the beginning of class to allow adequate time to sign in and start warm-up. Please email in advance.

Saturday Community WOD

We encourage you to try a free workout with us on Saturdays at 10:00am. Whether you come with a friend and have never done CrossFit before or you are a regular member, Saturdays are a great opportunity to workout usually with a partner or in a group and have some fun. Book a free Saturday trial here!  


Fresh Start Introductory Classes only $59!  Beginners may participate in a trial with a cost of $59  for first time participants. We are offering to help you get started  now!  It is best to email Renee for an appointment.  Coaches will teach the fundamentals of CrossFit in a group setting. Attendees will learn CrossFit terminology, olympic weightlifting moves step-by-step and will begin to transition out of beginner workouts.  Our 3 week special is extended to 6 weeks!  Buy a 6 week trial for only $59!

HEAT Classes are offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30pm. High Endurance Athletic Training classes will get your heart rate up and help you burn calories while doing “bootcamp” type movements like burpees, box jumps, rowing and more. Barbells are not used during this class and you can sign-up to participate in only HEAT classes if you choose. Come in for one free HEAT class! Book now by clicking this link.

CrossFit classes offered:     5:30am, 8:00am, 9:15am, noon, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30 Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri (limited hours friday afternoons only offering CrossFit 4:30pm and HEAT class 5:30pm)

HEAT classes offered:  5:30pm Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Community Work out: Saturday 10am

Open Gym : members only 11-1pm Saturday


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