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Get Started With Our Intro Class

In our six-week introductory class trainers will teach the fundamentals of CrossFit in a group setting. Attendees will learn CrossFit terminology, olympic weightlifting moves step-by-step and will begin to transition out of beginner workouts. Introductory classes are offered at 6:30pm three days…


Free Community WOD on Saturdays

Everyone is welcome to workout with us on Saturdays at 10:00am. Whether you have come with a friend and have never done CrossFit before or you are a regular member, Saturdays are a great opportunity to workout usually with a…


Drop-In and WOD With Us

If you are visiting from another CrossFit affiliate we would love for you to drop-in and workout with us. Check our schedule for class availability and send us an email so we know when to expect you. Pricing for drop-ins are listed…


CrossFit Winston Salem Tuesday

Squat snatch 3×1 @80-90% 4×1 @90-100+%(Don’t go above 90 unless you feel amazing) 6 Rounds 100m Sled drag 90+,50+(as long as you can sprint) rest 2mins

CrossFit Winston Salem Monday

Back squat speed work 8×2 @60%(Down slow up fast short breaks) Strict Press 5×4 @80% +5lbs(Be fast with your reps) AMRAP 8 minutes 8 HSPU 4 Tall box jumps 30,24(pick a box you can rebound)

CrossFit Winston Salem Friday

Back Squat 5×6 at 40-50% Strict Press 5×5 AHAP EMOM for 10 mins, 50ft Sled Pull 135,90


Upcoming Intro Class Dates

Our introductory class sessions typically start every two weeks depending on holidays. Upcoming start dates include July 6th, July 20th and August 3rd.

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Athlete Spotlight

Congratulations to Tom Berry our spotlight athlete!

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Upcoming Events

Save the date for Battle at the Brewery! Saturday, October 17, 2015 CrossFit Winston Salem will host a three WOD competition sponsored by Foothills Brewery. There will be individual, same-sex teams and teens divisions. Registration and additional details to follow. CrossFit…

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