Fresh Start Introductory Class

In our six-week Fresh Start Introductory Class trainers will teach the fundamentals of CrossFit in a group setting. Attendees will learn CrossFit terminology, olympic weightlifting moves step-by-step and will begin to transition out of beginner workouts. Introductory classes are offered at…


Free Community WOD on Saturdays

Try a workout with us on Saturdays at 10:00am. Whether you have come with a friend and have never done CrossFit before or you are a regular member, Saturdays are a great opportunity to workout usually with a partner or in…


Drop-In and WOD With Us

If you are visiting from another CrossFit affiliate we would love for you to drop-in and workout with us. Check our calendar page for class availability and send us an email so we know when to expect you. Pricing for drop-ins are listed…


CrossFit Winston Salem Friday

  AMRAP 12 Minutes: 20 Overhead Walking Lunge Steps with 45/25lb Bumper 10 Deadlifts 155/110lbs 20 Wall Balls 20/14lbs Immediately Post Metcon: 10 Minutes to find 3RM Snatch (doesn’t have to be touch and go, but all reps must occur…

CrossFit Winston Salem Thursday

30min amrap 800m 15 back squats body weight 15 push ups

CrossFit Winston Salem Wednesday

4 Rounds: :30 Max Rep Power Snatch @ 55% of your 1RM Rest :90 AMRAP 10 Minutes: 50/40 Calorie Row 40 Handstand Push-Ups 20 Push Jerks 115/75lbs  


Fresh Start Introductory Class – Upcoming Dates

Our Fresh Start Introductory Class sessions typically start every two weeks depending on holidays. The next few new sessions start dates are November 1st, 14th and 28th. Contact us with this form for more details or SIGN UP now!

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Nutrition Challange 2016

New Year New You Winners

Our 2016 New Year New You Challenge winners have been announced. Congrats Hannah Childress, Alex Warren and Christine Brewer on all their hard work!

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NEW Classes Offered

We are now offering a Yoga class to our members at 7:30pm Wednesdays. Come try our new HEAT class, similar to boot camps, offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30pm with or without membership. Also included with membership is the gymnastics…

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