Child Policy

Children must always be supervised by the parent or guardian while in the CrossFit Winston Salem (CFWS) facility.

For the safety of children and members, children are not allowed on the main gym floor while class is in session unless they are in a pack-and-pay or similar contained area provided by the parent or guardian, or the side gym floor if anyone is working out.

Children are not allowed to play with:
• Weights
• Barbells
• Wall balls
• Lacrosse balls
• PVC pipes
• Or any other equipment that could potentially cause injury to themselves or someone else.
• Children also shall not pull on, swing from or otherwise manipulate the straps used to adjust the rings.
• If a ring is pulled beyond a normal, reachable height it will be the parents responsibly to bring the ring back down to a normal, reachable height.

A children’s playroom is provided with a TV and toys. However no childcare employee is provided by CFWS.

Parents are responsible for cleaning up after their children.

CFWS, its owner, its employees and its insurance provider will not be held liable or responsible (financial or otherwise) for any injuries caused to a child in the facility. If a child damages the facility or any equipment, the parent or guardian of that child will be financially responsible for the replacement.

If a child is upset, crying, screaming, etc the parent should tend to their child to calm them. The child may need to be taken to the front area or away from the class if the child is having trouble calming down.

Dog Policy

No aggressive dogs are permitted at CrossFit Winston Salem (CFWS).
Aggressive behaviors:
• Lunging forward or charging people
• Growling or barking that sounds threatening
• Baring teeth
• Snapping at people
• Guarding food or other items

You may be asked to take the dog out of the facility if he/she starts to exhibit aggressive behaviors. (at coach’s discretion or if requested by another member)

For the safety and wellbeing of the animal and members, dogs must always be restrained upon entering the facility and the entire time they are in the facility while in the facility.

Owners must clean up after dogs (Water bowl, treats, waste).

To maintain a courteous environment, if a dog is disruptive during a class (consistent barking, crying, whining, etc.) the owner of the dog may be asked to take the dog out of the facility.

CFWS, its owner, its employees and the insurance provider are not liable or responsible (financially or otherwise) for any injury or the death of an animal while it is at the facility or for any damage, injury or death caused by the animal.

The owner of the dog 100% financially responsible and is liable for the for the dog while it is on the property of CFWS. The owner of the dog is responsible for reimbursing CFWS for any damage to equipment or the facility and is responsible for all medical costs in the event the dog harms any person on the property of CFWS.

CFWS management reserves the right to change this policy at anytime.